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This adventure would not be possible without the help of our partners.
Their pieces of advice and their expertise help us designing and improving our prototypes.Their products equip our prototypes to go beyond our limits of energy cost-effectiveness.
Finally their financial supports enable us to achieve always more innovative projects, to create new prototypes, and to attend to great european competitions.

Faurecia is one of the greatest automotive supplier. Moreover, this firm get involved in many energy challenges, such as in our association. Its technologies concern diffferent aspects of the field of mobility: a research going on about the ergonomics of motor vehicles with ‘Cockpit of the future’ and a huge work about durable mobility.
In this context, Faurecia gives us pieces of advice and a financial support in order to support the association to achieve its goals.

As a student association of INSA  Lyon, we can count on our school. This is an essential partner for  our development thanks to its financial support and the local they lend us.

We can count as well on several laboratories, professors who give us pieces of advice and lines of approach to improve some features of our prototypes.

‘Vie Associative’ of INSA Lyon supports us financially as well. Besides, they advice us on different aspects of associative management and ease the organization our inter-associative projects.

Volvo Trucks is a firm specialized in designing and manufacturing of trucks of very high quality. They support us with their pieces of advice and their financial help, they represent a long-lasting partner.

Land forces have been supporting Proto INSA Club since 2010. We can execute our prototype tests on the racing circuit in Valbonne thanks to their help.

Circly have been our partner since 2014. This firm manufactures printed circuits on request. They gave us the opportunity to design Icare’s electronics. Their high-quality electronic armoured cards accomplish optimal control of our prototype.

Altair is a leading firm in the field of modelization. They offer Proto INSA Club licences to design parts with optimized geometry to solve different issues we have to face.

Hexcel is a world-wide leader of manufacturing composite materials. Thanks to their support, the association is able to manufacture lighter and more resistant parts.

Samaro is not only a firm, but also an institute specialized in chemical products since 40 years. As a partner they offer the club a technical support as well as high-quality products.

Thermi-Lyon is a firm specialized in thermal processing and vacuum coating. With their help, Proto INSA Club can design and realize by itself its combustion engine. They enable us to accomplish a thermal processing in order to harden the surface of the pistons of our motors.